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Forum in English?

Grognard: Good afternoon everyone, I do apologize for writing in English but I do not speak Russian. My wife's great grand father was Polish and fought in the Russian Army. How can I find trace of him in military records? Many thanks Romain

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Zouave: Good afternoon, Grognard! Let's start from what you have on him: any photos, documents etc.? Was he an officer or other rank? Michael

Grognard: Dear Michael, Thank you very much for your reply! The only military information we have is that he fought on the Romanian front. Unfortunately it is only "family legend" and we do not have any information to prove this. With regards to facts and things we know for sure: his name was: Onufry OWCZARCZYK born in or around 1895 in Górzno, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, this is near Warsaw in Poland. He survived the war since he passed away in 1981. We do not have any other information. In 1914 he was 18 or 19 years old so in age to enroll and fight. Would there be records of enrollment in the Russian Army so we could know about his regiment etc.? Many thanks for your kind help! Romain (I am French and I live in Warsaw)

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